How is it performed?

The body to be massaged is clothed, you work on a mattress or a futon and normally the massage begins from the feet and a complete body massage follows, starting from a supine position, then side, then prone and finishing in the sitting position.

How long does it last?

In Thailand it lasts for about 1hour 30 minutes or more, here in Europe at least one hour, although one hour and a half is recommended.

What is it good for?

Thai massage can help postural problems like cervical, lumbar muscle pain and joints, thereby relaxing the contracted muscles and also extending to the peripheral nervous system, which helps complaints like vein strength loss. The Thai massage technique of stretching helps body agility and normally the blood circulation improves.
Thai massage improves how you walk because the body moves better supporting every step.

Does it hurt?

Thai massage is not exactly the classic “relaxing massage”. After a therapy the body feels the effects of the massage. It may be painful but it’s supportable always taking into consideration the person’s limits.

What to wear?

Thai massage is carried out clothed. Suitable items of clothing to wear are tracksuit and a cotton T shirt.

Any questions?