My name is Matteo Lucchini. Iím 39 and live in Arona on Lake Maggiore. My story as a masseur began almost by chance. After having worked in completely different fields. I casually started becoming interested in massage. My mother was a masseuse and a pranotherapy for years and back then, it didnít interest me in the least, then a series of events lead me, naturally, towards the massage world. In 1996 I was working hard with one objective and that was to make money.
When this money started building up, I realised that I was sacrificing so much time and energy for something which wasnít worth it or fulfilling me in any way. My decision to go abroad for a bit was something that I deliberated over for a long time. The idea of travelling on my own was a problem for me, I really didnít know if I could do it.

I therefore decided to do a test run and go on a little trip to have an idea how it felt. I decided on Venice, a beautiful city that I had never seen due to work commitments. Upon arrival, I got a place to stay and set off on my sight-seeing tour of this marvellous place. Wandering through the lanes, I met a souvenir shop trader who complained about a shoulder pain, and after spending some time together, I offered to try to do something that I had seen being done thousands of times by my mother but which I had never before attempted.

To both of our astonishment, the shoulder pain disappeared. From that moment on, a new world opened itís doors, I could use my hands to do something that helped others and that gave me enormous satisfaction. Thatís how I began studying with my mother and exploring this new world. My trip abroad brought me to Dublin in Ireland. There I did an international diploma in holistic massage and took my first steps towards becoming a masseur. Over a year later, I decided to travel to Asia planning to travel for a couple of months but it turned out to be a longer trip than anticipated. I stayed in Thailand for more than 5 months studying Thai massage in various schools and with different teachers.

Itís a technique which I really like, it has lots of scope to help tendons, muscular problems and it can really help to increase body mobility and elasticity.
I returned to Italy in 2000 where I opened a studio in Arona, Novara province and this is where I continue to work today.
I have taken many courses over the years from Reflexology to Kinesy massage, thereby building up my knowledge in many areas. I have returned to Thailand twice because, besides really liking the country, it is where I like to study.
I have participated in an advanced course of Thai massage specialising in lateral position and massage for pregnant women which helps to re-balance energy through the energy lines accordingly to the entire body.

In 2009 and in 2010 I participated at the one week course organized by Thai Healing Alliance in Croatia on the beautiful island of Iz. Since 2008 I started study with the professor Gavino Scanu on the PRALD method, ďPostural Rearrangement and Lyphatic DrainageĒ.

For the last 4 years, Iíve been teaching thai massage from basic to advanced levels.

Since the beginning of 2007, I moved studio to Nadesh, which is a bio natural centre. Here I work with other therapists, thereby confronting health issues from different points of view.